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Hotspot & Wireless ISP Solutions

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A wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) provides internet access and related services to the public by implementing wireless networking solutions and technologies. WISP may operate with equipment and solutions designed for a frequency range including 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 5GHz and so on. With our vast experience in networking and ISP operations, we can assist businesses and wireless service providers in the setup and support operations from the network core to customers access level.
By selecting the right equipment and design, we can build a wireless network that can be deployed to provide internet service in estates, school campus,shopping malls and other public locations.

Our solutions and services to WISP

  • Resolving unexpected frequency interference issues
  • Choosing the right Antenna and Radio match
  • Address issues with wireless loops, delay, latency and packet loss
  • Line of sight, Near line of Site, None line of sight and Fresnel Zone issues
  • installations, grounding, lightning, water proof, Connector isolation and alignment issues
  • Core network equipment setup and backbone integration
  • Wireless base station setup
  • Client access systems and CPE
  • Wireless trunks / backhual links
  • Security, billing, authentication and authorisation systems
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