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Our Time Attendance Management System – TAMS is a combination of hardware and software systems for capturing data of attendance, lateness or absence from work by each staff in the organisation based on clock-in and clock-out times as recorded by the system.
Using biometric fingerprint, access PIN or proximity access card technologies, business can keep accurate records of resumption time, closing time, lateness, early closure or absence for each staff and proper sanctions cab applied based on company policy .
HR departments can now manage employees’ and staff daily attendance records and eliminate the inherent errors and inaccuracies arising from the traditional paper attendance records.
With reports that can be obtained daily, weekly or monthly, generating accurate staff attendance record is just a matter of clicks on the computer.
Biometric access control systems make use of the unique physical and features in humans like fingerprint, face etc for identifications. The common feature in use is the fingerprint which is unique to every individual.
There are also card systems or card readers that identifies users or staff based on RFID card before granting access. This means that each user or staff must have an access card programmed for that very staff.
We deploy a wide range of time attendance management systems anywhere in Nigeria . Depending on your security and time management needs, we cam plan with you to arrive at the exact solution that your suites your business environment.

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Time Attendance Management system TAMS

Let your business derive the value of her workforce with biometric time attendance systems. Employees would be unable to sign or clock-in for each other. It saves you cost and increases business productivity.


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