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corporate ICT solutions for businesses

Corporate IT Solutions for businesses


We are capable of planning, designing and deploying Local Area Network (LAN) as a robust IT backbone for organizations.
Our experience with a wide range of routing and switching technologies for office and business applications make us not just another IT company but a business partner preferred by our customers.
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Whether you are starting a new office or wants to add wireless capability to your existing network in the office so as to be able to connect your laptops and other wireless end devices, we understand the right process to achieve this without shooting on your budget,
Our wireless LAN solution allows effective, secure and flexible communication within the office.
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Restrict inappropriate and unproductive internet surfing in the office by enforcing internet usage policies. Our solution can block the internet while allowing access to only authorized websites, block certain websites, schedule internet use time and period for staff, limit download, disable chats, video streaming and unproductive applications, monitor internet activities and many more features focused on increasing staff productivity and concentration at work.
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Internet remains one of the greatest tools for communications. Broadband communication makes unified communication even much easier and cheaper.
Whether your office is located in the city center that is within the reach of public broadband infrastructure or a remote location, we have the right, efficient and cost effective solution to put your business on a high speed internet gateway.
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As a company with multi locations, running applications between the corporate office and remote locations is a strategy for business growth and is highly desirable.
No matter the location of your branch office, sales point, factory or regional office within the country, seamless communication with the head office LAN is achievable over our connectivity solutions including point to point wireless links, digital leased circuit of up to E1 capacity, VPN and satellite communications.
Take advantage of this solution and achieve more, collaborating between your offices and factories over highly available broadband connections that support data, voice and video applications.
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Your communication need may be dialing an extension number to talk to a colleague in the next office, an automated voice prompt to answer trunk calls, ability to talk to a stranger at the door while you are at home or calling a remote remove office over your broadband network.
We have a solution that provides crystal clear voice communication for your business or home.
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Be security conscious. Monitor your surroundings, office locations and expensive equipment and detect any threat and abuse.
We offer complete video surveillance solution involving cctv, IP camera, image storage and archiving services.
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Our automated time attendance solution is based on a number of technologies including biometrics, PIN or access card.
Manage employees’ daily attendance and eliminate the inherent lapses of the traditional paper attendance sheets and other time theft.
Our solution can also be used to restrict or monitor human traffic to and from sensitive location of an organization.
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