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Hotel WIFI Internet service


The availability of WiFi Internet is a major consideration for customers when choosing hotel accommodation.
For the hotel facility operator, it is not just having internet link but the ability to manage the service and make WiFI available in rooms, bar, lobby, restaurant etc is what guests expect.

Whether you are providing free WiFi Internet service to guests or offering it for a cost, our WiFI Internet solution makes it possible for guests to have internet access in their rooms using Laptop, ipad, Smart phones and any WiFI enabled devices.
The system comes with a unique and branded portal or login page that adpapts perfectly to every screen size.
It enables you to manage your internet service in a professional method, ensuring proper authentication, authorisation and accounting.

The solution can be configured for many authentication options including username/password, email address or social network login.

We have more than 50 hotels across the country that are happy to use the solution for their guests while we also have few international hotel brands in our portfolio.

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Hotel WIFI Internet Projects

We have installed the solution for more than 50 hotels across the country. Below are screenshots of some of our customised Hotspot installations for both local and international customers.
Click the images below for a slideshow preview of the different customised login portals.

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