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Network Installation & Support

From the design stage to actual implementations, we have the expertise to develop a robust network infrastructure to create an enterprise structure that your business rely on.

Be it wired or wireless solution, we do a thorough job in carrying out network integration, upgrades, migration, relocation and support services.

For organizations whose business needs require secure connection between remote offices across regions in order to run business critical applications, we have the solution to address your specific requirements after a critical need assessment and analysis of available options. We proffer reliable and cost effective solutions backed with a peace-of-mind support plan designed to resolve any issues in a timely and proactive manner.

The services under here include the following

  • Structured cabling for data and voice
  • LAN installation and supporte
  • Optical fiber cable splicing and terminations
  • Equipment room design/Server room raised floor
  • Server installation, management and support
  • End point device configurations
  • Network upgrade and expansion
  • Network optimisation and auditing
Local Area Network server room raised installation
Local Area Network and Fiber optic cable installation an
Local Area Network installation structured cabling
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