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CCTV Video Surveillance Solution for home and office

Our CCTV video surveillance security system secures your office, home and sensitive installations with 24/7 video surveillance installation at low cost.
CCTV solution with good Cameras provides you with crystal clear mages of movements and activities around sensitive and secure areas of your home or office. The video streams can be stored for a long period and played back without loosing quality.

An ideal CCTV security surveillance system needs to operate 24/7 and power generation can be a major obstacle to investing on the solution. We are already aware of this and to address the power challenge, we have solar as well as battery powered CCTV and IP cameras that run for up to 48 hours on full charge.
In some scenarios, we also deploy wireless camera solutions to avoid a cluster of cable in and around your office or home premises.

It is not just enough to have a CCTV video surveillance solution, you have to put the system to maximum use. With our CCTV system installation, you can put your property under surveillance while you have remote and mobile view of real time video footage of movement and activities on your mobile phone through Internet from anywhere in the world.

CCTV service is a recommended security solution for every home and business including Bank, Hotel, Warehouse, Store, School, estate etc.
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