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Branch office connectivity solution

Business Connectivity

Are you a company with business activities in offices or sales points across cities and regions within the country?with your application server centrally located at the head office, running client applications between the corporate office and remote locations is a key business process and management strategy desirable for businesses growth and accountability.

Your inter office communication requirement could be connecting two or more sites within the city or between states, we would design a reliable and cost effective solutions to fit your business case after a comprehensive site survey.

With our solutions, you can be sure of an efficient network infrastructure that guarantees seamless and uninterrupted business communications.
Our range of connectivity solutions include point to point wireless links, digital leased circuit of up to E1 capacity, VPN and satellite communications.

Your business can leverage on our expertise to achieve more, connecting your offices, warehouses, factories, store or showrooms over a highly available broadband connections that support data, voice and video applications.

Our Connectivity Solutions:

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