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4GLTE & Broadband Service

Wireless Carriers and ISPs today have adapted the Fourth Generation (4G) wireless broadband technology as a means to provide wireless services as customers are increasingly expecting improved speed, bandwidth, mobility as well as global access.
4G is a wireless technology standard developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) aimed at delivering broadband internet service to mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, notebooks etc while Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the pathway to achieving the 4G speeds, hence the term 4GLTE.
It is no doubt that 4G LTE speed is about 10x faster than it’s predecessor 3G, the data consumption rate is also about double that of 3G.

4G LTE technology is designed to provide IP-based and higher level voice, data and multimedia services at speeds of at least 100 mbps up to 1Gbps Though this speeds might be in theoretical terms.
In Nigeria, there are a lot of ISPs serving the teaming population and all competing for subscribers and market share.
Telecommunication operators are not left as almost all of them have lunched their 4G services in major cities.
It therefore becomes imperative to move with the technology train and 4GLTE has become the standard for ISPs and Telcos wanting to take the lead.

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