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    Robust infrastructure for the core, distribution and access networks.

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    High speed optical fiber and satellite internet solutions for home and office.


    Reliable and optimised Point to Point Wireless connectivity Solutions


    We are experts in WiFi hotspot design, planning and installations We deploy indoor and outdoor WiFi solutions with custom and unique captive portal or landing page that can be used to offer internet by ISP, hotels estates. We can also use it to provide temporary internet service and splash page for events, seminars

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Provider of Innovative ICT & Telecom Solutions

We are passionate about always providing the right and efficient solutions at affordable cost to our customers.


broadband internet products and solutions for SME and homes, internet management solution in the office

Every business needs a broadband internet service for its operations. We have a range of flexible Internet solutions for large organizations and SMEs. We offer managed broadband Internet solutions that support voice and video applications. Our blend of Internet products are designed for fixed and mobile connectivity options suitable for every business, home and budget


voice installations and IP phone for corporate communications

We pride ourselves with a team of professionals having the right product knowledge and experience in helping customers get more from their voice communication networks. Be it legacy intercom system of many extensions, hybrid or digital IP solutions, we are capable of deploying solutions that can meet the communication needs of your business


Time attendance and access control systems

Our automated time attendance solution is based on a number of technologies including biometric, PIN or access card. Manage employees’ daily attendance and eliminate the inherent lapses of the traditional paper attendance sheets and other time theft. Our solution can also be used to restrict or monitor human traffic to and from sensitive location of an organization


CCTV and video surveillance security solution

Secure your home and office with our 24/7 video surveillance /CCTV solution. Our system provides you with crystal clear pictures of movement and activities around target areas. The video streams can be stored for a long period and played back without loosing quality. We have the technology to enable you view images on your mobile phone and computer remotely.

WiFi Hotspot

We deploy WiFi Hotspot solutions with a custom captive portal or login page that enables user authentication for Broadband Internet service. It is a smart internet provisioning solution for hotels, ISP, events or apartments. Businesses can also leverage on it to control internet usage in the office.



We are capable of planning and deploying robust network infrastructure as IT backbone for organizations. Our experience with a wide range of routing and switching technologies for business applications make us not just another IT company but a business partner preferred by our customers



Our 24/7 Systems and Network Support services provide a proactive and cost-effective strategy to get your system up instantly by our technical team. Our fault resolution methods include physical site visit, remote access, phone calls and online chats on Skype or our website.

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    My WiFi now has a branded and professional login page. I can also manage internet data usage by guests. It’s a great solution. Thanks.
    EmmaITProtea HotelIkoyi
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